About Me

My name is Allison and I’m a 26 year old lady living outside of Boston, MA with my wonderful boyfriend, Mike and our most fabulous 90lb black lab ever, Chester.

Mike and Me on our cruise Winter 2009
I spend my days working at in the Visual and Media Arts department at a local college as an administrative assistant. My aspiration, however, is to become a certified Holistic Health Counselor. I’ve started reaching for my star by enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s professional training program. I will be a certified health counselor in April 2011.

I grew up in Northern Vermont, about 20 minutes south of Burlington and ten minutes east of Lake Champlain. Vermont was a beautiful place to grow up! I was lucky to have so many outdoor resources at my disposal. As a high school student, I ran cross-country, and track, but my main  (and favorite) sport was Nordic skiing.

Summer 2010 in Gloucester, MA
After high school I made the move to upstate New York to attend Hamilton College. I majored in biology with a focus in marine bio, and for some reason, I minored in math, which is funny because I am NOT good at math…at all…I don’t even really like math…anyway…I continued to do Track & Field—I say “do” because I didn’t run in college, I just threw the shot put and hammer—I sang in the choir and did a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Now I live outside of Boston, MA in the neighborhood where my boyfriend grew up. After living the boonies of VT, ½ a mile down a dirt road from my nearest neighbors, it’s wonderful to live close to friends! I’ve never had the neighborhood network before, and I love it! Mike and I do our Crossfit workouts at his childhood friend’s gym (aka garage) like two blocks away!

Since I left home for Boston, I’ve become increasingly interested in food and nutrition. I was a vegetarian when I graduated, but have since moved to a more primal way of eating: I eat all kinds of meat now, lots of veggies (especially the leafy green kind), and I tend to stay away from grains and dairy. I’ve been eating this way since November of 2009, and it’s working extremely well for me.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to answer any questions you have about holistic health counseling, nutrition, exercise or anything else! Feel free to email me at AllisonNichols.HC@gmail.com